A Sojourner in Civilized Life Again

My name is Paul Lieberman. I'm just your basic Rennie-Sense Man. I'm interested in  everything, quite good at lots of things, and I love to learn new skills and absorb knowledge about all manner of things.

I've been a marathon runner, a semi-professional folk dancer, a world-class hitchhiker (I logged 84,000 miles before retiring in '88), and, for over twenty years, a software engineer.

Since '98, I've been teaching IT professionals in 3-5 day intensive courses on new programming languages and computer technologies. When I lived in C-ville, I did a monthly stint as a DJ for a program of Celtic folk music on WTJU, "Regional Public Radio" at the University of Virginia. For severl years, my wife Willow and I split our time between Charlottesville and bucolic Ocracoke Island on the Outer Banks, where we ran a great open-air seafood restaurant, The Marlin CafeUltimately, we had to let that go; we're now moving on, establishing an enduring life together. Now we're fixing up a 150-year-old house in a small town that actually feels like neighborhoods and small towns used to feel all over America. Willow has been working on her new career as a professor at Chesapeake College, where she helps students whose English composition skills are not quite up to college level, so they can succeed there. She's almost done with a Master's in English, to add to her Master's in Education.

For over 20 years, I've been developing software in various languages, and ocassionally teaching these technologies to other software pros.

I grew up wanting to be a physicist, and actually got a B.S. in physics at MIT, where I also learned how to dance (currently, I find greatest joy in regular contradancing).

Since 1993, I've been researching my family tree, and gotten involved in organizations which focus on Jewish Genealogy.

I love to hike and bike, and I hope, soon, to be exploring the Chesapeake Bay and it's sources with my sweetie-pie.

I am not looking for development work, but here's my resume.

I'm also not looking for work in training, but here's my other resume

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