Old Mansion, Queen Anne, Maryland

Built in 1864, added to in 1870s, Italianate front added circa 1900

  • Front of House with Dogwood
  • Front Porch
  • FrontPorchLight
  • Dining Room with China Cabinet & Mural
  • Dining Room viewed from Kitchen Door
  • FrontStairs
  • FrontStairsFromSecondFloor
  • Window Seat between Master Bedrooms
  • Master Bedroom
  • Dressing Room/Nursery
  • Living Room Fireplace
  • Library
  • Living Room from Library Door
  • Living Room Windows
  • DiningRoomFromFrontDoor
  • DiningRoomFromKitchenDoor
  • DiningRoomMural
  • Dining Room Table & Corner Cabinet
  • Kitchen Range and Butcher Block
  • Kitchen Sink and Fridge
  • Cupboard Stairs
  • Craftsman's Shop
  • Bird Feeders outside Kitchen
  • Outdoor Fireplace With Oyster Grill
  • Huge Magnolia Behind House
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More pictures coming soon, of:


Second master bedroom

Rear bedroom/home office

Two second-floor bathrooms

Small guest room

Servants quarters


One-room Schoolhouse

Carriage house/garage

One acre with Mature Trees



Laundry room/bathroom