A Sojourner in Civilized Life Again

My name is Paul Lieberman. I'm just your basic Rennie-Sense Man. I'm interested in  everything, quite good at lots of things, and I love to learn new skills and absorb knowledge about all manner of things. Currently, I channel that passion into editing Wikipedia.

Most of my energies these days go into contra dancing, my exciting new software development job at , and fixing up my 157-year-old house to sell (which makes me sad, but I gotta move on).

I spent a good chunk of my life trying to help change the world.

I've also been a marathon runner, a semi-professional folk dancer, a world-class hitchhiker (I logged 84,000 miles before retiring in '88), and, for over twenty years, a software engineer.

When I lived in C-ville, I did a monthly stint as a DJ for a program of Celtic folk music on WTJU, "Regional Public Radio" at the University of Virginia.

I grew up wanting to be a physicist, and actually got a B.S. in physics at MIT, where I also learned how to dance which ultimately led to my passion for contra dancing.

Since 1993, I've been researching my family tree, and gotten involved in organizations which focus on Jewish Genealogy.

I love to hike and bike and explore the world, both physically and intellectually.